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New Marcy Tunic and Pocket Pant Vogue Patterns For Spring

Because all of life is a journey, in planning my 2018 grouping of patterns, my intention is to create designs that travel well through life, whether staying at home, going to a job, or out and about exploring the world. I travel a lot - am on a plane an average of once a month, and I want my travel clothes to function on the move as well as for days at home in the studio. I seek designs that...


ArtBarn Team Sews

Welcoming the New Year

Our talented ArtBarn team have been stitching up a storm using our collection of French Digital Knits. I've just made new portraits of each person, shown here and in our About Us section on the website. We usually have a lunch meeting on Tuesdays, and two brilliant suggestions emerged. Marcy offered the challenge to make something from our collection of French Digital Knits. Beth suggested that we all should go to Paris. Both are in the works!

Everyone is very excited as the ArtBarn team will be joining Marcy and Katherine in Paris in May for a special visit after our spring tour is finished, and we are all sewing with Paris in mind. We will be closed the week of May 21 - May 28.

Nellie: Vogue 8975

Even thought she is an experienced and creative sewist, Nellie always reads the instructions through start to finish. This is the second time she had made this dress, (AKA 'the pocket dress), Vogue 8975. Nellie is 5' 2", so, on the second go-around, she shortened it 2".

Diane: Vogue 8975

Diane took advice from Nellie and found it helpful to read through the whole pattern, and then follow the instructions step by step. She used Olive Confetti French Digital Knit (sold out).

Carol: Vogue 9171

Carol used Woodstock French Digital Knit for Vogue 9171, known fondly as 'the pumpkin dress'. She cut sections on the bias, using Wash-Away Wonder Tape to match up the lines, saying 'It made me so happy to have it be this easy!'

Nellie: Butterick 6101

Nellie used the same lengthen/shorten technique as on the dress shown above for this tunic top, Butterick 6101. She says, 'it helps to know your body well enough to make the adjustments that work for you. This knit is stretchy and tends to 'grow', so after having worked with already, I took this into account.' The fabric is Zola French Digital Knit, (sold out).

Beth: self-drafted

Beth used a self drafted pattern for this little cardigan-shrug, combining Adele French Digital Knit for the sleeves and neckband, and Josette French Digital Knit (sold out), for the body. To stabilize the front edge and keep the wrong side from showing, she used a wide self facing, stitching it in place by hand with small invisible stitches.

Beth: self drafted

Beth is our resident expert at using the Alabama Chanin hand applique techniques and making them her own. This top combines two layers of knit, turquoise and navy, and is entirely stitched by hand.

Marcy: Vogue 9300

Marcy used her newest (about to be released as I write this), pattern, Vogue 9300. More details on this pattern to come in the next blog....

Version #1 uses Pascal French Digital Knit. This is a panel print - the panel is one yard long (36" x 58"), and the top took two panels.

Version #2, uses Domino Theory and Claire de Lune Danish Knits, also available as our Copenhagen Combo - the combo includes 1 1/2 yards of each fabric which is enough to make this tunic. These are a soft ponte, easy to sew and feels delicious to wear.

More to come in 2018!

Happy Sewing from my studio to yours.


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We're in the midst of a freak snowstorm that has shut down power, water, internet and rendered our driveway impassable. Southern Oregon is not prepared for this amount of snow, so we are making the best of it.


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