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Expo Finale

The Clothes

As seen and sewn by our marvelous booth staff and friends.

Gwen Spencer is an inspiration to us all. Here she wears the Diagonal Seam Shirt, Vogue 9174 (lengthened), layered under Vest Vogue 8982. Gwen's hand stitching is a trademark, she says she is always happy with a needle and threads in her hands. Love the way these two patterns work together!

Koos Coat Vogue 1277 from a sewing friend who stopped by the booth....really fabulous, the photo does not do it justice.

Gwen wearing her version of Vogue 9171, AKA 'the pumpkin dress'. Love the use of stripes to show the grain, and how she used bias at the hem. I found more of this great fabric on a recent buying trip, watch the website if you want some too.

Terrible photo (my settings were wonky), but I had to show these superb pieces. At left, Katherine's 3 tiered jacket, Butterick 6253 in a black knit which she hand stenciled using Diane Ericson's stencils. She told us she cut the pieces first, then did the stenciling. At right, a beautiful rendition of the Diagonal Seam Shirt, Vogue 9174.

Gwen Spencer and Nancy Murakami both wearing Vogue 9161, AKA 'the godet top'. Gwen's is a collage of knits including a recycled artist's t-shirt, and Nancy's version is basic black knit layered over a re-fashioned $2.00 purchased XXL cotton t-shirt. Two of the most talented sewists I know, Gwen and Nancy each have a distinctive style that I admire hugely!

Left to right: Deena, Gwen and Katherine admire the tunic Gwen made using Vogue 9193, AKA 'the drop pocket tunic'. The collaged tunic is composed of fabrics Gwen took out of Katherine's studio scrap bin. She sewed the pieces together without cutting or changing the shapes she found...the kind of personal challenge she gives herself!

Detail of another Gwen Tunic. She used Vogue 9193, AKA the 'drop pocket tunic', eliminating the lower peplum so it works as a pullover vest, and layers the vest over the same pattern, this time as is with sleeves from the pattern made in a rayon woven. Darn...I did not get a good photo of the entire outfit, but this one shows the detail of hand and machine stitching.

Gisela visited the booth wearing a hand woven pieced jacket and felted hat, the entire outfit made by herself.

Nancy and Ann Nutting have been friends via the internet and had a chance to have a visit at the show.

I followed this woman to get a photo, she looked so great, and sadly, never got her name.


Old friends and new stop by the booth.

Fun to meet Carolyn Norman, whose blog Diary of A Sewing Fanatic is one of my favorites, who came by with friends for a visit.

We love visits from James Bosco, Vogue Pattern exec who keeps us in stitches and gives pithy merchandising tips on how to better arrange the fabrics. James trademark look is a vest, beautifully made by his NYC tailor, to which he adds vintage buttons and a quirky pin.

Katherine and James. Katherine is wearing a collage version of her new shirt, Butterick 6325. She used a collage of Japanese cottons, all scraps from the ArtBarn and her own stash.

The gang from Vogue Patterns, left to right: Tatiana, Gillian, Kathy and Chris. We love the chance to visit with the Vogue/McCall/Butterick team.

A visit from Louise Cutting and friends. Almost every morning before the show opens, Louise and her colleague Sandy come to shop and visit. While backstage looking at their rack of clothes for the fashion show I fell in love with Louise's cropped vest pattern, and she stopped by to give me a copy. Thanks Louise!

Reunion of alums from our ParisTilton trips.

NIck and Chase from Dragonfly Dyeworks stopped by for a visit and fell in love with this fabric.

Betsy came by to shop and show us her amazing about wearing your passions on your sleeve! Betsy is a Seattle personal chef (biz name: Ovens to Betsy), and obviously loves food and sewing. Her sewing tat image comes from the machine her father gave to her mother as a wedding gift.

This pink haired beauty is a vendor, kind to let me take her photo.


Katherine is at the ready for customers on day one. She is wearing a version of Vogue 9057, AKA, 'the layering tunics', the pattern we used for our Craftsy Class, The Artful T-Shirt.

Felter extraordinaire, Sandy Leggitt, stops by the booth to show Deena and Nancy her work and pick out some fabric for future projects. Yes, she made her gorgeous coat.

Linda Kubiak and Katrina Walker (designers and fiber artists), schmooze around the cutting table.

Katherine and I always do our personal expo shopping on Sunday morning. We visited the Bernina booth where I ordered a new sewing machine, a Bernina 570. It just arrived and I am thrilled with it. I've been sewing on a Bernina forever....well, since the mid 1960's, nearly forever, and I still have every Bernina I ever bought, they are in use in the ArtBarn for our staff and will be passed down to nieces/nephews as family heirlooms.

Before and After

We start preparing in November for the expo, earmarking fabrics (started with 470 bolts), making Cool Combos (over 300 this year), remnants (too many to count), and organizing all the myriad details. Even though we built a bigger warehouse last summer, we still needed to bring in a container to use to store and organize fabrics and boxes.

In the photo below, our strong-armed team who loaded the truck. Everything barely fit and we needed to dis-assemble 6 racks in order to shoehorn it all in the truck. Katherine and I drive the truck the 10 hours from home to Puyallup.....wheuuu.

Bigger booth this year, 4 spaces, looked huge until we started offloading.....

At this point the floor is in, a few racks assembled and much of the fabric and supplies are in the boxes ready for setting up the pop up store.

Booth stocked and ready to go. Not sure which day this is.....

Kaleb, Catherine, Dallion and Kellyn, each one fabulous, strong and smart, who offloaded the truck in the pouring rain.

Change is in the air. This is our last expo. No because-ing, explaining or justifying. We had the best show ever and send waves of love and appreciation to our boothies, Nancy Murakami, Deena Holsinger, Paula Strid and Gwen Spencer, plus never ending gratitude to the show organizers, Joanne Ross, Janet McLaughlin and Ann Sagawa.

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