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The Paris Plan

The season we wait for has arrived (or is arriving)....lets sew and dress for it!

Butterick 6138

My resolve is to do a bit of sewing every day, to work with current patterns, to make a few things for Paris, to experiment, have fun and wear the clothes I make. These days my sewing time gets slipped into the edges and corners of life and provides a balance to the hours spent in front of the computer. In the studio I bounce around from project to project; right now there are 4 garments in process on my design table.

The last time I was in Paris my thoughts kept coming back to what I think of as the 'high drama' coat or vest and this piece falls into that category...will stand out in the sea of black clothes Parisians love, and make me easy to spot for our tour group. This version uses Katherine's vest, Butterick 6138 in a poly taffeta that has been in my stash for several years, it is an asymmetrical print, and was fun to plot out the placement of the pattern in cutting. Larger patterns and prints take more fabric, and sometimes I need to re-cut a piece if the placement of the design seems wrong. This is a fun pattern to sew, and I'll love wearing it. The collar is fantastic, it is a single layer and malleable, can be worn up or down, and I will use it again, maybe plug it into a shirt or dress. A good rule to remember is that the neck and collar edges must measure the same when switching out one collar for another.

Other fabrics that would work in this sculptural style are silk taffeta (toss in the washer dryer to kick back the sheen and add a bit of crinkle), nylon taffeta, linen (but not too stiff), quilting type cottons, jacquard, brocade. This vest can go crisp or soft/drapey, could even be made in a ponte knit where it would have a sweater-y quality.

Now to whip up a plain warm white tunic to wear under it.......stay tuned, that project is on the cutting table too!

Studio Shots & Strategies

Part of my creative process is to change the studio environment, keeps things alive and the energy moving. Auditioning fabrics in vignettes and heaped in baskets that catch my attention as I work helps when I get stuck, that is time to play and rearrange. When leaving the studio at the end of the day, I set things up so that it looks welcoming and there is some little thing to start with. Some evenings I tack on an extra half hour before bed just to set the stage for re-entry, can be as simple as sweeping the floor, winding an extra bobbin or mucking about in the ribbon drawer.

More projects to come....

Happy Spring, Happy Sewing from my studio to yours!

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