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Paris Windows

The sign of a wonderful time in Paris is no time for blogging! As I write, ParisTilton tour #1 has just finished and tour group #2 is arriving. The photos shown here are taken because something caught my eye while darting or meandering down the street. Sometimes it is the odd or strange, sometimes the beautiful, sometimes a line or a stitch or a style that causes a pause and a photo.

At Colette, the renowned concept store on the rue St. Honore, the windows feature the work of Olympia Le-Tan, a new designer getting a lot of love from fashionistas. The cottons used in the small prints almost remind me of quilting fabrics, but were infinitely more refined, deliciously silky....going along with the upscale prices. The baseball jacket continues to be a fashion trend. I've spotted chic women wearing versions of it and looking au courant, (right in style).

In spite of all his problems, John Galliano has a luxurious shop (always empty except for the security guard), on the rue St. Honore. Here a mix of tough/goth and sheer, leather, studs and organza.

Stunning beaded embroidered coat at Nathalie Garcon in the Galerie Vivienne.

Also in the window at Nathalie Garcon, a beautiful spin on the tunic/white shirt. Lace and eyelet are everywhere, this a very wearable piece and I love the pockets.

In the window at the original grand Chanel shop on rue Cambon, denim pants with woven in classic motifs like the trademark camellia. Denim is everywhere, and the frayed tattered look also remains popular both in upscale stores, cheaper lines and on the street.

One of the many things I love about France is the commitment to training young people in making beautiful things by hand. There are schools to train in millinery, leather goods and hand made flowers, just to name a few. Here, a small hat shop that features hats and belts. The young milliner was making hats in the back of the shop.

When I saw this pillow I had the thought that the design idea could be used in a garment.

In a small tucked away Italian art gallery/bookstore in the Marais, an exhibition of textile art using fabric. Shown here, the piece that attracted my attention, composed of different types of recycled fabrics.

A bit strange to my eye, but perfectly executed!

Our group was walking along the rue St. Honore and paused to examine/admire this dress in the window at Bottega Veneta.....a cool 3200 euros, about $3700 USD and an example of a master draper's art.

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