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Spontaneous Visit to Marcy's Studio

Studio Visit

Come along with me, take a quick peek into my studio as-is, no fluffing! My work space set-up has an impact on the design process that I continually tweak and change. Over the summer we installed new windows which changed the light. That lead to swapping out the position of the sewing machine and serger, a good move, so next I re-positioned the computer monitor so I can watch/listen to movies while I sew.

A never ending challenge is to keep the horizontal spaces clear and open, and I don't always succeed. I'm back from Paris less than a month. Studio re-entry is a gradual process and takes time before I am up and running again. I rely on that first glimpse of the space after returning to see in a fresh way. In the New Year I plan to re-configure the 'creation station' where I do computer work, making it into a clear, comfortable, delicious space where I want to spend time.

Lurking hidden behind the closet curtain are boxes containing my precious collection of Issey Miyake patterns that need organizing. My fabric stash is in disarray. It is a push-pull to take time away from actually designing and sewing to re-organize and pare down, but is essential and in the long run, worth the effort. Stay tuned...I'll update with progress reports. (Often fabric from my stash makes its way to the website).

Be patient with my video efforts, this is testing a new camera and my beginner mind skills!

The Bowl

This tip comes from Gwen Spencer who was with our ParisTilton group in Paris last year. When we visited a studio workroom, she noticed that all the women kept a bowl at their work station, filled with the small bits and bobs needed for the project at hand. Brilliant! I found this vintage Parisian ashtray at the flea market, love it as an object, even more as something functional. Now it sits to the right of the machine, positioned right behind the magnetic pin cushion. Contents of the bowl are swapped out with each project.

Makes the work flow just a bit easier and using it brings pleasure.

Love to hear your studio organization tips, ideas and photos too!

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