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Snowbound for days!

We're in the midst of a freak snowstorm that has shut down power, water, internet and rendered our driveway impassable. Southern Oregon is not prepared for this amount of snow, so we are making the best of it.

Wondering where in the world is your recent fabric order?

If you placed an order after December 22, it has not shipped yet. We were on vacation until January 2, and then the big storm hit. The ArtBarn team is pulling together to get your fabric to you as soon as possible. Shelley came in on New Years Day and ran all orders that had come in until then. On Monday, 3 of our team came in and cut over 100 orders, getting them ready to pack and ship.

Then the power went out for 2 days.

In the photo below you'll see how Diane came in on Monday morning. She walked the 2 miles from her home on snowshoes. Vasco has a love/hate relationship with the it kept coming down the snow level is as tall as he is, so he leaps, hurtling himself like a salmon going upstream. Or he likes to make snow angels...

Tuesday morning, all quiet and calm and beautiful.

I spent much of the day in my studio doing all things I'd been putting off; cleared out the filing cabinet, paid estimated taxes, high graded the scrap bin, and, as a reward, organized my collection of Issey Miyake patterns and research material, then did a bit of hand sewing in the fading light. Wednesday, more shoveling, then into the photo studio where it was cold, but the light was perfect. Coming soon...a new collection of Japanese cottons.

Our friends from Page Creek Ranch rode 4 miles down the deserted and unplowed road with 3 hardy dogs.

Katherine might be the only person in the neighborhood with a snow shovel, and she has been keeping the deck in front of the ArtBarn cleared. Together we have been chipping away at clearing around the mailbox on the road, but no mail service since last Saturday.

No power = no water, so we load up bowls of snow to melt on the woodstove. When the first flicker of an outage happens, we fill the bathtub with water and unplug computers and sewing machines.

Day 4, Thursday, January 5

Beth and her husband Mark snowshoed the 1 mile out from their house, then crossed the river on a small hanging bridge to make the drive from their parking area, picking up Shelley en route. Their 4-wheel work truck made it all the way to the ArtBarn, scooping up the new fabrics from the photo studio on the way.

New fabrics were loaded in from the photo studio, offloaded into the ArtBarn.

The local news is calling this an 'act of God', and when it melts or a warm rain comes along, there could be flooding. Just got the word that a friend is coming down to 'tractor' the driveway, and Mark, Beth's husband has volunteered to drive today's packages to town to the Post Office in case the mail truck does not come to us.

Today we are working, grateful to the angels who have helped keep things warm and dry, and continuing to get beautiful fabrics out to our wonderful customers.

Now, back to sewing!

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