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Paris Windows

A Glimpse Into Paris Windows

Darting down the streets of Paris, running errands, on the way to and from meeting friends, dinner, shopping and dodging around streets that are closed because they are shooting a Tom Cruise movie, I take quick photos of clothes in the shop windows that catch my eye. I don't always 'like' what I see, but over the years notice that the early trends are often jarring and as the eye adjusts to a new color or different shape, the trend drifts down into the mainstream and might end up in your closet or mine.

I'm noticing a trend toward classic fabrics, styles or garment types rendered in different fabrics. Classic fabrics like denim, gingham, polka dots and eyelet are showing up at all price points and for women, men and children. World wide concern for the environment is causing a trend for green. I bought a pale green top yesterday. Take a look and let me know what you think. I'll post more as time allows!

In the window at Burberry, a gorgeous jacquard fabric in a classic trench. The white lace or eyelet is used again and again as a nice contrast. An eyelet top is on my list of things to sew for summer!

The baseball jacket, here shown for men, but easily worn by a woman - this is a trend I see in the street and in the less expensive stores like Monoprix, (the French Target).

Gingham checks, here made in silk taffeta, and a pale pink with black in a classic wrap dress.

Classic cardigan with a twist, worn over a feminine lacy top. (I bought this cardigan in black and white, cost 99 euros)

Denim Denim and More Denim!

Ethnic shapes are another trend, here in denim with embroidery @280 euros

In a less expensive shop (sorry, did not get the price), a fun 2 piece denim dress that uses the reverse side of the fabric as a design detail

Sometimes I think, 'what a miss or mess!' as in this holey shirt and lace-up denim skirt.

At Maison Martin Margiela, a denim boot with frayed seams.

Pieced denim jeans

Patched, torn, pieced denim.

In the Karl Lagerfeld RTW boutique, white jeans embroidered with Karl's face and a printer. I am not clear on this concept. Worn with a baseball jacket and yellow Karl 'signature' bag.

Pretty bathing suit for those who can...

Metallics are another trend for summer, here a metallic cotton child's dress in an upscale shop. Darn, forgot to notice the price!

More sparkles for little girls.

At Merci, the concept store, where we love to go for the salad lunch, a rack of layering silky slips, 198 euros and up. We liked the hat too - 580 euros!

Chic woman spied on the street as she hopped on her bike. She wears a pale green fur, was carrying a green bag, you can see it tossed in the bike basket.

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