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Paris Windows Photo Report: Eyelet, Lace & Embroideries

On a hunch last fall and winter I was attracted to eyelets, laces and embroidered summer fabrics, picking them up here and there. All of a sudden they seemed fresh and new and fun to hunt them down.

When I hit Paris at the end of April, I started seeing lots of these kinds of fabrics in shop windows and displays as shown in these photos. When the weather warmed up I saw them being worn on the street as well. Darn, no photos of 'real' people, but I suspect we'll be seeing more and more of these fabrics as the weather warms up!

In various windows all over Paris

At Monoprix

AKA the Target of Paris

At Colette

a tres chic concept store on the rue St. Honore. Suddenly it is OK to photograph in the store. They display clothes on rows and rows of mannikins and there was eyelet, embroidery and lace galore!

Sneak Peek At Our Eyelet, Embroidery and Lace Collection - Coming Soon

The next blog to feature sewing tips and pattern ideas for working with these wonderful fabrics. We'd love to see what you are making!

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